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Of course the answer is: it depends!

If you want to report or inquire about a service outage, please phone +1 360 738-7044 option 1. Being able to ask you questions is necessary to take reports of service outages, so please, please, call--do not just submit a ticket to report service outages.

If you need technical or customer support, please submit a support ticket in the Client Area at:  https://accounts.abhost.net. Using the web to request support helps us to serve you better. When a support request originates from our secure web site, we know the request came from an authorized user. As long as you are in the Client Area, please do not forget to check the knowledge base for the solution to your issue.

However if you need assistance troubleshooting, that is getting assistance to figure out what is wrong, please phone. Phone calls are the best way to go. We appreciate being able to ask you questions.

If you are having trouble logging in to the support web site please phone +1 360 738-7044.

Because of the need to verify your identity, we are sorry, but we can not accept support requests that originate by e-mail, or text message.

We will reply to support tickets either by email or phone. If you can use the web but not check your email, you may check your support tickets in your Client Area to see if we have replied. If you have not received a reply within three business hours, please phone, +1 360 738-7044 option 2; we have probably been trying to phone you! If your voice mail greeting does not identify you, we will not leave a message to protect your privacy. 

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